Babcock Ranch Innovation Homes



36" 5-Burner Gas Cooktop with Griddle

Five burners and a removable griddle give this 36-inch gas cooktop the power and versatility challenging recipes demand. The 20,000 BTU Professional Dual Ring Burner is among the most powerful in the industry, and our innovative Even-Heat™ Torch Burner provides even coverage to ensure proper heating without scorching. Multi-Finish Knobs and the scratch-resistant CookShield Finish help protect the surface against stains that may occur with high-temperature cooking.


• 10,000 BTU Even-Heat™ torch burner, 20,000 BTU professional dual ring burner, and 6,000 BTU Even-Heat™ simmer burner. • Removable griddle that provides a one- peice flat surface that can be used on the right, left or center. • Cookshield finish to protect the cooktop from stains and make it easy to wipe clean without harsh chemicals. • Full-width cast-iron grates that allow easy movement of cookware around the entire cooking surface

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