Babcock Ranch Innovation Homes


Enviro Pro-1044 and Pro-1344 Combos with added Carbon Block Post-Filter. BENEFITS · Enjoy refreshing, filtered water from every tap in your home and help protect the environment by eliminating the need to buy bottled water. · No backwashing, drain line, or brine discharge into water supply. Plus, generate zero wastewater and uses no electricity. HOW DOES IT WORK? 1) The sediment filter captures sand, rust, and silt commonly found in municipal water supplies and filters out foreign particles down to 5 microns. 2) The carbon filtration tank uses a premium mixture of high-quality carbons and zinc oxide media designed to filter chlorine, chloramine, industrial solvents, and more. 3) The Enviro Water Conditioning Tank provides conditioned water by reducing scale buildup on surfaces while retaining beneficial minerals in the water, offering hassle-free maintenance without the use of salt. 4) The supplemental carbon block polishes the water and provides additional 5-micron filtration which can improve the taste of the water.

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