Babcock Ranch Innovation Homes


RISE 24" Built-In Coffee System

From expertly crafted espresso to frothed milk cappuccino, the JennAir® built-in coffee system is calibrated precisely to prepare coffee on demand, refined to anyone’s taste. Brew up to 4 oz. of luscious espresso with customized strength, temperature and grind. Sip. Savor. The perfect cup awaits.


• Full-color LCD touchscreen that allow you to customize cafe-style drinks to your individual taste.

• Brewed coffee ground are shaped into pucks for easy disposal

• Serving size and temperature customization - to help ensure your next sip is at an optimally hot temperature for your discerning palate.

• Adjustable grinder and coffee boldness settings

• Coffee, Espresso and Cappuccino options

• 6 customizable profiles.

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