Babcock Ranch Innovation Homes


The Lanai is a premium linear outdoor gas fireplace. Its stainless-steel design with end- to-end ribbon flame, crushed-glass firebed and LED lighting lends a contemporary vibe to consumers’ outdoor spaces. • LED light bars have eight colors (choose one or cycle) and three intensity levels and are water-resistant and have a high temperature rating • Drain pan effectively directs moisture away from the fireplace • Functionality of the wall control operates the fireplace and changes the color of the LED lighting with a press of a button Versatile installation means no chimney or venting needed, blending the fireplace effortlessly into the outdoor space Stainless-steel interior to reflect and magnify the flames Durable with rust-resistant, stainless-steel construction Safe operation with IntelliFire® Ignition System monitoring Glass wind guard to keep fire without interruption • • • • •

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