Babcock Ranch Innovation Homes



The garage isn’t just a place to park your car anymore. When it comes to garage organization and garage storage, your garage can serve as a workshop and hobby center, an area for workbenches, garage cabinets and utility carts, and occasionally a place to park your car. Shelves and garage cabinets are a great option for garage storage and garage organization, as they allow for the storage of a wide range of items. They can be used as freestanding units, anchored to the wall, or attached to the ceiling to utilize every available inch of garage storage space. Shelf brackets allow you to turn any open wall space into extra storage. ACCESSIBLE Garage cabinets keep things tucked away but easy to get to. MORE SPACE Utilize your wall and floor space with garage cabinets. Keep your items stored away safely but accessible to you at all times. BEHIND CLOSED DOORS You can keep your items behind a closed door instead of out in the open.

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