Babcock Ranch Innovation Homes



AI SERIES FRESH AIR SYSTEMS VIRTUO is the first artificial intelligence technology designed exclusively for ventilation systems. It offers optimal energy efficiency and superior air quality in all weather conditions, all year round. VIRTUO ensures your comfort in your home by constantly self-adjusting to hanging indoor and outdoor conditions. When it detects a change, it automatically adjusts the operation mode of the unit to deliver the proper amount of fresh air with minimal energy consumption. SUPERIOR AIR FILTION AI series units surpass any other on the market with their standard-issue high-grade MERV 8 filters, which capture lint, pollen, dust mites, debris and spores for superior air quality and comfort. Even more powerful filtration is available with an optional MERV 13 filter upgrade. PMSM ECM motors also provide up to 60% energy savings compared to other units.

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